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Business is complicated, we make it simple. Simple X will not only be the best, we will be legendary.

Referral Partners

We believe in channelizing partnerships. For CPA firms, PEO’s, other specialist companies with complementing services or independent contractors in HR or small business services, our Referral Program is a fit and simply outstanding! We save an average of 25% on payroll related costs for our clients using our service!

Exciting Stuff Right? Here is how it works:

  • Our Marketing folks will tailor our marketing materials specific to your target audience. You will complement or value add your offering with our marketing materials to show your clients full capabilities that our integrated payroll suite can do – our offering is exquisitely bottom-line and user friendly!
  • You would then recommend them our way and our ever so extraordinary customer service personnel follow up, provide the support and do the rest. No ifs and or buts!

We’ll pay you a referral commission for every deal that closes. Our referral commissions are the most flexible in the industry! You heard that right – we can negotiate and make sure it’s a win-win built around our clients.

Servicing Partners

The blueprint of our Service Partner Program is so you can be successful and make money while taking care of client needs!

  • As a Service Partner you will be selling our acclaimed all-in-one payroll suite known for its cost savings, user-friendliness, quality, scalability and efficiency.
  • You will be able to nurture your client relationships and see sustainably sound software margins. We will give you all the tools you need to be successful, market and sell our product.
  • We provide free technical dedicated pre and post-sales support for you and your clients. We work hand-in-hand so you feel comfortable knowing the client’s needs are always at the center of our Service Partnership.

Technology Partners

Are you interested in pursuing collaborative technology partnerships to expand market share? Are you interested in integrating our all-in-one payroll suite with strategic best in-class technology in the HR and business services sectors? Are you interested in licensing portions of our technology?

Why you need to partner with our best-in-class technology –

  • Clients are assured to get a win-win with cost-savings straight to their bottom-line!
  • Clients are further assured they never have to deal with multiple vendor touch points or stress about the unsuitability of non-inclusive closed payroll software solutions when using our technology.
  • You will differentiate yourself in the marketplace selling more of our software, and we help simplify that process. Business is Complicated – We Make it Simple!