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Waivers to Affordable Care Act


Currently thirty or so companies and organizations, from the fast food giant McDonald’s (115,000) to Maverick County (1), have applied for and received waivers excluding them from the current healthcare legislation/requirements. These entities will not be required to adhere to the minimum annual benefit level which is included in low-cost health plans. These plans are primarily often used to cover part-time or low-wage employees, and will affect over a million people nationwide.

While for most of these waivers will not have much effect on most of us, it is important to be aware of their existence. It is fast becoming a reality that a new employment inquiry might well be; “Does your current healthcare plan adhere to the Affordable Healthcare Act guidelines?” As a consumer it will be even more important to understand your current or prospective employer benefits programs. While the minimum benefit level is currently the primary reason for waiver application, there are sure to be other portions of the legislation that will need to be addressed. Many of these factors may not directly affect the consumers, others however like the “minimum annual benefit” is a major component of a consumer’s healthcare package.

Below is a list of the current organizations receiving waivers to date with an approximation of the number of people to be affected. These waivers are for one year but many see them expanded to at least 2014. Waivers are currently being applied for, so there are sure to be additions to this list as implantation of the various aspects of the Affordable Healthcare Act proceed.

  1. Aegis 162
  2. Aetna 209,423
  3. Allflex 34
  4. Allied 127
  5. Baptist Retirement 127
  6. BCS Insurance 115,000
  7. CIGNA 265,000
  8. Cryogenic 19
  9. Fowler Packing Co. 39
  10. Greater Metropolitan Hotel 1200
  11. GS-ILA 298
  12. Guy C. Lee Mfg. 312
  13. Health and Welfare Benefit System 41
  14. Health Connector 3,544
  15. HealthPort 608
  16. I.U.P.A.T 875
  17. Jack in the Box 1,130
  18. Local 17 Hospitality Benefit Fund 881
  19. Maritime Association 500
  20. Maverick County 1
  21. Metro Paving Fund 550
  22. PMPS-ILA 15
  23. PS-ILA 8
  24. QK/DRD (Denny’s) 65
  25. Reliance Standard (varies) Varies
  26. Sanderson Plumbing Products, Inc. 326
  27. Transport Workers 107
  28. Tri-Pak 26
  29. UABT 17,347
  30. UFT Welfare Fund 351,000

The Obama administration does not see the need to grant these waivers as a flaw in the new health care reforms rather they see as it as a way to ease implementation. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs; “This is about implementing a bill correctly,” he said, to ensure that “as reform ramps up, we protect consumers and don’t put them at the mercy of health insurance companies.”

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