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Simplify Your

No Software downloads, software
expenses or updates to worry about.


Handles hourly plus overtime, salaried,
tipped, and commission employees.


Accurate built in calculations for Social Security,
Medicare, Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax

Time & Cost
Saving Features

Direct deposit, online pay stubs, and online
time tracking down to the second.


Full service integrated Payroll coverage with Employee Time Management, Calculating Taxes, Accounting & Enterprise System Integration & Unlimited Custom Reporting - in ALL 50 STATES

Software that makes running your business simpler.

We have straight forward pricing with no contracts, no additional fees, and all features included. With our patent pending – easy to use online software, payroll becomes more than a task, it becomes a tool that provides powerful insights into how efficiently your business is operating. Our online solution includes payroll, time sheets, time tracking, project tracking, scheduling, reporting & much more!

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  • An automated way to keep track of your employee’s time.
  • Save time by having everything done for you online. No more time cards or calculating hours and paychecks. Simple X Payroll does it ALL for you!
  • Full service integrated Payroll coverage with Employee Scheduling, Time Management, Project reporting, Payroll, Enterprise System Integration & Unlimited Custom Reporting – for employees in ALL 50 STATES

100% Accuracy Guaranteed

Use the same tax calculator trusted by Fortune 500 Companies

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What our customers are saying

This product has saved me hours of work! I love SimpleX Payroll it does more than I would have expected.~ Betsy from Florida

We have been working with Simplex Payroll for several months and their professionalism, attention to detail and work ethic are something that is rare to find these days.~ Micah from Arkansas

Intuit is what we were using, it is such a pain in the butt and expensive. We were using Google Spreadsheets to keep track of our payroll, but it is so time consuming. Thank you for your service offering.~ Sebrena from California

SimpleX Payroll is a company that provides sheer convenience while addressing the needs of a small business owner with simple or complex payroll functions - all at competitive straight-forward pricing. I love it!~ Rebecca P.

This is the best fully integrated payroll product I have ever seen since Intuit, especially for small businesses!~ John from Wisconsin

SimpleX Payroll has by far the most user-friendly integrated platform in the industry that there is! SimpleX Payroll offers value for money & a solution that scales with your business growth.~ John L.

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